Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada was formally called the Canadian Diabetes Association to align with others diabetes associations, such as Diabetes UK. It provided information on diabetes care until they began to accept funding from diabetes drug manufacturers.

About Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada is a member of the International Diabetes Federation, whose mission is “Promoting diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide”. On the other hand, Diabetes Canada does not promote diabetes care and a cure. It promotes managing diabetes. In 2009, Diabetes Canada stated on their website that a blood glucose level of 7 millimoles per liter (mmol/L) was a good level. Now they have changed that number to 5. That means, what they are saying is that if your blood glucose level is above 5 mmol/L, you need diabetes drugs to manage your blood glucose level.

It is very interesting that when Diabetes Canada first changed their name to Diabetes Canada, in a TV ad, they targeted people in their thirties asking them to go and get a blood glucose test. Yet, many of these people did not have type 2 diabetes, which generally affects people in their mid-forties.


Why did the Diabetes Canada ad target young men and women?  Was it so that, if their blood sugar level tested over 5 (mmol/L), they would be considered diabetic and would have to take diabetes drugs? Was changing the starting point for considering someone diabetic changed from 7 mmol/L and above to 5 mmol/L to increase the number of people who depend on diabetes drugs, thus increasing the customer base for the pharmaceutical companies? If the intent was to help sell you drugs manufactured by their sponsors, the pharmaceutical companies, then isn’t it clear who are they serving?

Type 2 Diabetes On The Increase

Type 2 diabetes is mainly on the increase due to two causes:

  1. Lifestyle choices that make people diabetic. As one doctor I interviewed for the book Diabetic’s Journey said, “They depend on modern medicine to cure themselves when all they have to do is eat moderately and exercise—and 90% of their diseases will be cured or prevented, including type 2 diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.”
  2. Lack of correct information. The most misleading information about pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes (both which do not require manual insulin injections), is that these conditions should be managed using pharmaceutical drugs. But the purpose of these drugs is to allow the diabetic to continue to eat refined sugar, which is the leading cause of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, as discovered by Dr. Sanjay Basu PhD, an epidemiologist at Stanford University.


Evidence of a cure for type 2 diabetes: On March 16, 2017, it was reported that a research study headed by Dr. Natalia McInnes of McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, concluded that: “Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in just four months by cutting calories, exercising, and keeping glucose under control.”

Managing Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is managed through the use of prescription drugs. Managing diabetes in this manner has allowed the condition—which can be reversed—to proliferate worldwide. Managing your diabetes means you will always remain a diabetic. While managing diabetes, we invite you to take control of your health and try the program being offered from this website at a fraction of what medical professionals charge. Notably, our formula was featured on WebMD (as mentioned on our Home Page) to give you an assurance that our program works.

Article Author: Ernest Quansah, Lifestyle Strategist, Type 2 Diabetes Researcher, and Author.