Facebook diabetes groups vary according to the manner in each moderator moderates and what they allow and don’t allow. Facebook diabetes groups that I have joined do not allow the selling of any products. Who can blame them? I can feel what they must be feeling. When I was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic in 2009, I found myself being approached by diabetes pill-peddlers. Some of these pill-peddlers claim that all a diabetic has to do is take their cinnamon pills, for instance. In my case, some claimed that a product they sold called Banaba—which has been used to cure diabetes in the Philippines—was all I needed and that I needed to get a six months’ supply would cure me.

Interestingly, they further said that if I were to make a one-year purchase up front, they would give me three bottles free, in addition to free recipe books. If it takes six months for their product to cure diabetes, then why were they trying to sell me a one-year supply? Others trying to take advantage of diabetics claimed that their calling on earth was to heal people. Let me tell you that cinnamon can never and will never reverse diabetes or help diabetics cure their condition. I learned that the hard, way not to mention being taken financially by a con artist who know absolutely nothing about diabetes.

Diabetes groups on Facebook

Diabetes groups on Facebook are very good to join. They provide support to each member who, otherwise, may not have anywhere to turn. They are also very helpful for those who become upset when they are diagnosed as type 2 diabetic, and for new members who have questions about being diabetic. Some people join a group because their spouse has been diagnosed and they want a support base to turn to and gather information in order to help their spouse.

I myself had to work with doctors and eventually, through research, I was able to develop a three-part formula that reversed my type diabetes in weeks. There are other publications by researchers from top universities showing they have found that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured. Somehow this information is not reaching those who need it the most—diabetics.

Diabetes groups

There are a number of diabetes groups. Before you join one, read their policies and decide if they are a good fit for you. What type of questions can you ask? You can ask questions related to your diabetes or that of loved one; for example, your spouse. I caution, though, that you should be aware that you will likely not be asking questions to a medical doctor or a diabetes cure expert. You will be asking your questions to members of the group who are also diabetics. As a new member—or an established member— you can also respond to comments and give your support to other members.

I hope you find this article helpful.

Ernest Quansah is a Lifestyle Strategist whose work on how type diabetes can be reversed and cured has been featured in WebMD Diabetes magazine. He is the author of Diabetic’s Journey and keynote speaker at 2019, 2nd International Diabetes Care Conference.