Pancreas Controls Insulin Sensitivity

Position of the pancreas In the body

What does insulin sensitivity restoration mean? To understand, we have to talk about how diabetes occurs, and the process which causes you to get a diabetes diagnosis.

When you become a type 2 diabetic, the insulin secreted from your pancreas – a small organ next to your stomach – does not carry the sugar you eat to the cells to be used as energy.

Over time, the sugar builds up in your muscles rather than being used. This causes the body to become weaker, due to less available energy.

Insulin Resistance Leads To Type 2 Diabetes

When your body becomes insulin resistant, you become a type 2 diabetic. Living with diabetes, you’ll experience a variety of symptoms that affect your life in many ways.

Insulin Sensitivity Is The Opposite of Insulin Resistance

Insulin Sensitivity Restoration is a method of restoring the body to normal function. Insulin resistance is the opposite of insulin sensitivity. To reverse and permanently cure type 2 diabetes, one MUST restore the body’s insulin sensitivity. That is how to reverse type 2 diabetes and be cured of it.

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