Research Shows that Type 2 Diabetes or Being Excessively Overweight, or Obese Impacts the Victim’s Sex Life

Vancouver, BC – January 2019. A good New Year’s Resolution is to take responsibility and control of your own health. Just for Diabetics, an online diabetes care provider is changing the lives of type 2 diabetics and the overweight. Through their comprehensive program, type 2 diabetics and the overweight or obese can reverse their conditions. Achieving this, not only is their health improved, but also their sex lives, particularly for men, who otherwise may feel sexually inadequate when impeded by their condition.

Research performed by Just For Diabetics website founder, Ernest Quansah, has discovered that when patients are managing their type 2 diabetes with prescription drugs, or trying to manage weight gain, that is the best time to reverse their condition. The program offered on his website combines the most effective natural methods for bringing about the reversal of type 2 diabetes and tackling weight gain.

Quansah, a lifestyle strategist, developed the program with the assistance of physicians. By using the program himself, he completely reversed his severe case of type 2 diabetes in less than a month. Then, in 2012, his doctor encouraged him to help others struggling with type 2diabetes and weight gain. According to his doctor, Dr. Anthony Robinson: “The best way to reverse and cure type 2 diabetes is by using different approaches that work together—not only by using a diet plan.”

Following his doctor’s recommendation, Quansah authored the book Diabetics Journey and later founded the website Just For Diabetics. “For several years, I have been educating people about how type 2 diabetes and weight gain can be reversed through the program offered on my website.” says Quansah. “Aside from the well-know results of having these conditions, my research and experience helping people have revealed that both the conditions lead to lack of energy, impacting a victim’s sex life, making some feel sexually inadequacy, particularly men. The psychological effects can be devastating.

Since 2012, Quansah, through his book and website, has been helping diabetics and the overweight reverse their conditions. We now see a drug store chain team up with the University of British Columbia to offer type 2 diabetics and the overweight a diet plan aimed at the reversal of these conditions. The cost of their plan is $500 a month for at least four months. Their program includes eating no refined sugar, no sweet drinks, no fruits, rice, bread, or pasta. This supports the findings of Quansah years after his groundbreaking research, which has much more than just a diet plan.

Diabetes researchers connected to drug manufacturers and the drug manufacturers themselves don’t come out in the open with the fact that non-insulin-dependent diabetes and overweight can be reversed. It is because letting out this information would cut severely into the profits of their companies. According to Quansah, “Managing type 2 diabetes means the sufferer will always remain diabetic and may ultimately die from it. That is why the phrase ‘managing your diabetes’ is used to sell diabetes drugs and not ‘reverse or cure your diabetes.’ Similarly, a person who only manages their weight and never makes the proper efforts to lose weight will remain overweight. But there is hope.”

When choosing to go with the Just For Diabetics program, type 2 diabetics and the overweight can rest assured that they are purchasing an authentic program that can change their lives. The program’s effectiveness was featured in WebMD Diabetes magazine in the article “Secret recipe: How a Chef Cured His Type 2 Diabetes”, as well as on the WebMD website.

The website, offers a free weight-loss program, a free diabetes-reversal program, and an inexpensive paid program to help victims. This complete, professionally-developed program includes a full menu regime, exercise videos, tutorials, in addition to a cooking video demonstration, and vitamin therapy plan. All this is provided for less than $180. (Quansah wisely suggests that those on the program be monitored by their doctors.)

“Misinformation about type 2 diabetes is rampant. When my doctor told me that type 2 diabetes could be reversed and even cured while managing it with drugs, I was floored,” says Quansah. “I asked him, ‘Why didn’t you tell me this when you diagnosed me two years ago?’” My doctor replied, “People don’t listen.”

“Complacency about type 2 diabetes can lead to type 1 diabetes, the irreversible type. Being overweight can lead to type 2 diabetes, which can cause other diseases, including impotence, making a man feel less than a man,” cautions Quansah. “If type 2 diabetics and the overweight are willing to take control of their health and take action, my program will help them attain optimum health, including improving their sex life,” states Quansah.

(The chart below shows before and after results of Quansah’s blood sugar tests. Results users of his program can expect.)

The numbers in this chart represent blood sugar count in millimoles per litre (mmol/L).


Ernest Quansah is a diabetes lifestyle strategist and educator, keynote speaker, and the author of Diabetics Journey. He is the founder of Just For Diabetics. He is available for radio, press, and TV interviews, as well as speaking engagements.

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