Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

It is not uncommon to meet people who are either diabetic or know a family member who is diabetic, but most of those people won’t know that diabetes reversal is possible. Untreated type 2 diabetes leads to blindness, liver failure, heart disease, and even limb amputation. It is important to understand how type 2 diabetes affects the body, as well as the reversal process.

The methods suggested in our program are based on the discoveries of Ernest Quansah. They’re detailed in depth in the Type 2 Diabetes Cure program manual. Type 2 diabetes reversal is entirely possible if the steps are followed properly.

Main Points of the Information Found in Part 1: The Journey

  • The Journey to a Cure for DiabetesCommon mistakes most type 2 diabetics make that prevent them from curing their condition
  • Why one remains a diabetic even after following the doctor’s advice
  • The causes of type 2 diabetes
  • Identification of all the signs and symptoms of diabetes
  • Facts and the evidence of type 2 diabetes reversal
  • The course of the research from the beginning to the end, including what led to discovering a cure
  • The doctors’ explanation of the cure
  • Questions and answers regarding diabetes
  • Why simply managing type 2 diabetes is dangerous
  • Doctors handwritten testimonials as proof that type 2 can be reversed and cured
  • Before and after blood test results

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

Our type 2 diabetes reversal program is also known as the Insulin Sensitivity Restoration program.

In a non-diabetic body, insulin transports excess sugar in your body to the cells in muscles to be used for energy. However, you become a type 2 diabetic when the insulin secreted by your pancreas can’t keep up to your body’s needs. This is known as Insulin Resistance. To heal from insulin resistance, our research discovered that all one has to do is restore the body’s sensitivity to insulin, rendering the sufferer DIABETES FREE.

Information found in Part 2: Type 2 Diabetes Cure Program

  • Part 2 focuses on the 3-step approach for reversing type 2 diabetes, developed by doctors and researched by the researchers
  • An illustration of all three steps with explanations
  • How diabetes can be reversed in 30 days, regardless of the stage
  • A simple explanation of why the diabetic is asked to follow our method
  • Necessary steps and changes one needs to take to regain full health
  • Post diabetes health and tips on how not to become a diabetic again

The Journey and the Type 2 Diabetes Cure program are designed to work together for best results. It is highly suggested that one review both manuals to get a clear idea of what is involved before starting.


All efforts have been made to ensure that you are receiving a quality product. Positive results can be attained if the program is followed correctly. However, results may vary and are not guaranteed. We recommend that you review the entire program and discuss it with your family doctor prior to following it.

Free Consultation

With the purchase of both manuals, The Journey and Type 2 Diabetes Cure program, we provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION with Mr. Ernest Quansah – Type 2 diabetes, Researcher, Consultant and Educator. Learn that diabetes reversal is possible and get help along the way.